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In the world of legal investigations and intelligence gathering, the name DEPSINT™ has become synonymous with thoroughness, accuracy, and reliability. If you are a lawyer or an investigator dealing with complex, cross-border cases, the capabilities of DEPSINT™ reports can significantly enhance your investigative arsenal. With a focus on deep-source intelligence, DEPSINT™ provides a comprehensive suite of data that can uncover the most hidden and obscure details about a subject.

What is DEPSINT™?

DEPSINT™, short for Deep-Source Intelligence, is a proprietary service that aggregates data from the deep web, as opposed to the dark web or traditional web spaces. This approach ensures that the information collected is both extensive and relevant, capturing a wide range of data points that are often inaccessible through conventional means. DEPSINT™ specializes in providing detailed intelligence reports that can assist legal professionals in various types of cases, including cybercrime, stalking, and cryptocrime tracking.

Key Features of DEPSINT™ Reports

DEPSINT™ reports are designed to be all-encompassing, providing a wealth of information that can help track or trace a subject effectively. Here are the core components of what you can expect from a DEPSINT™ report:

1. Identity Verification

Ensuring the correct identification of a subject is paramount in any investigation. DEPSINT™ uses sophisticated algorithms and deep-source data to verify the identity of the subject, ensuring that the information you receive is accurate and reliable.

2. Education and History

A subject’s educational background and historical data can provide critical insights into their behavior and connections. DEPSINT™ delves into these aspects, uncovering the educational institutions attended, degrees obtained, and other relevant historical information.

3. Device Usage

Understanding the number and type of devices used by a subject, including anonymous devices, is crucial in cyber investigations. DEPSINT™ identifies all devices linked to the subject, providing a comprehensive view of their digital footprint.

4. Phone Numbers

DEPSINT™ can uncover all phone numbers associated with a subject, including those that are hidden, anonymous, or secret. This capability is particularly useful in cases where communication patterns need to be analyzed.

5. Social Media and Business Networks

The interconnected nature of social media and business networks can reveal a lot about a subject’s associations and activities. DEPSINT™ identifies all social media accounts and hidden business networks linked to the subject, offering a complete picture of their online presence and connections.

6. Keyword Searches

The keywords a subject uses in their online searches can provide insights into their intentions and interests. DEPSINT™ tracks all keyword searches performed by the subject, adding another layer of understanding to the investigation.

7. Geo-Locations and Travel Data

Tracking a subject’s movements can be critical in many investigations. DEPSINT™ provides detailed geo-location and travel data, covering up to one year in the past. This information can help establish patterns and locate the subject during specific timeframes.

8. Dark Web Activities

The dark web is a hotbed of illicit activities, and having visibility into a subject’s presence and actions there can be invaluable. DEPSINT™ reports include information on any dark web activities linked to the subject, providing insights that are otherwise difficult to obtain.

9. Leaked Data and Sources

Data leaks can expose sensitive information about a subject. DEPSINT™ identifies any leaked data associated with the subject and the sources of these leaks, offering crucial evidence for legal proceedings.

Applications of DEPSINT™ Reports

DEPSINT™ reports are used in a variety of legal cases, from cybercrime to defamation. Here are some scenarios where DEPSINT™ can be particularly beneficial:

Cybercrime Investigations

In the realm of cybercrime, identifying and tracking perpetrators can be exceptionally challenging due to the anonymous nature of the internet. DEPSINT™ provides comprehensive digital footprints, device usage patterns, and dark web activities, making it easier to pinpoint and gather evidence against cybercriminals.

Stalking Cases

For cases involving stalking, detailed information about a subject’s identity, device usage, and social media activities can be crucial. DEPSINT™ helps build a strong case by uncovering hidden phone numbers, tracking movements, and identifying any anonymous or secret communication methods used by the stalker.

Crypto crime Tracking

Crypto crime, involving cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, often requires deep intelligence to trace transactions and identify perpetrators. DEPSINT™ can reveal keyword searches, geo-locations, and dark web activities related to crypto crime, providing essential data for investigators.

Cross-Border Investigations

In cross-border cases, where the subject may be operating across multiple jurisdictions, DEPSINT™’s ability to aggregate data from diverse sources is particularly valuable. The comprehensive travel data, along with a global view of the subject’s activities, can help navigate the complexities of international investigations.

Cost of DEPSINT™ Reports

One of the common questions people ask about DEPSINT™ is the cost of obtaining a basic report. The starting price for a DEPSINT™ report is as low as $3,000. This price provides access to the extensive and detailed intelligence data that can be pivotal in legal cases. Given the depth and breadth of the information provided, this cost is a valuable investment for legal professionals seeking comprehensive and reliable intelligence.

Why Choose DEPSINT™?

Reliability and Accuracy

DEPSINT™ prides itself on the accuracy and reliability of its data. By sourcing information from the deep web, DEPSINT™ ensures that the data is both extensive and precise, minimizing the risk of errors and omissions.

Comprehensive Coverage

The scope of DEPSINT™ reports is unparalleled, covering everything from identity verification to dark web activities. This comprehensive coverage means that legal professionals have all the information they need in one place, streamlining the investigative process.

Legal Compliance

DEPSINT™ operates within the bounds of legal compliance, ensuring that all data collected is obtained through legitimate means. This adherence to legal standards ensures that the information can be used confidently in legal proceedings.

Expert Support

DEPSINT™ offers expert support to help interpret the data and integrate it into legal strategies. This support can be invaluable in understanding complex data points and leveraging them effectively in your case.


In the world of legal investigations, having access to detailed and reliable intelligence can make all the difference. DEPSINT™ offers a robust solution for legal professionals, providing a comprehensive suite of data that covers every aspect of a subject’s activities. From identity verification to dark web activities, DEPSINT™ reports deliver the insights needed to track or trace a subject effectively.

At a starting price of $3,000, DEPSINT™ reports represent a valuable investment for lawyers and investigators dealing with complex cases. By choosing DEPSINT™, you are equipping yourself with one of the most powerful intelligence tools available, ensuring that you have the information you need to achieve successful outcomes in your legal endeavors.

For more information or to obtain a DEPSINT™ report, visit www.depsint.com.

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